Thai clear chicken soup – gluten free recipe

Thai clear chicken soup

Just taste this healthy and easy soup. You will love it.

1 cup chicken legs and wings
4 cups cold water
1 tsp salt
4 slices ginger
3 gloves garlic
2 pcs lemon grass
4 leaves keffir lime
1 red chilli pepper
1 fresh lime juice
1/2 cup shitake mushrooms
1/2 cup chopped leek
1 shallot
1 tbsp fish sauce

Put to wok pain cold water and add chicken. Add salt.
Bring it to boil.

Remove foam.

Add garlic, ginger, keffir lime leaves, red chilli without seeds, lemon grass, shallot. Cook for 30 minutes.

Remove chicken and cook another 10 minutes.

Drain the vegetables.

Cook. Add shitake, shopped chicken and leek. Bring it to boil.

Add fish sauce, fresh lime juice.

Serve with chilli and rice noodles.